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The Salvatore Brothers

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gif meme | elena gilbert + bruised and battered

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"You look stunning,if it isn't obvious."

TV SHOW MEME • [2/5] tv shows
→ The Vampire Diaries
“Dear Diary, love. bites. Sometimes it can make you feel like it’s the greatest thing in the world. It can make you feel safe. It can make you forget everything — like you could start all over again. But love can also make you feel out of control. Scared — like it’s eating away at you ‘til there’s nothing left. Love really sucks.”

You’re my brother. That’s all that matters.


Damon & Elena in Season 4 Appreciation Week

Day 7: Underrated Moment

 I don’t know if I’d call this underrated really - I couldn’t come up with a scene that DE fans haven’t over-analyzed. Honestly this was just one of my favorite moments because it’s beautiful how her trust for Damon has grown since S1. She feels she can’t trust Stefan in this moment but with Damon -  there is no question. The best part of it all is that he even tells that she should have called her “boyfriend”. Twice.


Damon and Elena season 1